Hey Sneaky pants … Gotcha!



Unappeasable Appetite

The slow fat worm emerges from its lair,

Blinking in the sun

 – Smiling face

Flaccid belly

And serpent’s tail –

Dragging its Insatiable appetite Into the light.

Then it feeds,

And it feeds,

But no amount is enough,

No amount satisfies

Its gargantuan belly.

I think you have enough,’

Said a kindly dragonfly,

As it flew by,

Its gorgeous wings


Like arcs of rainbow

Melting into the horizon.

The worm

Snaps its pinprick teeth


At the flutter

Of glittering light with wings,

And misses

Belching its endless


At the beauty leaving

Its glorious slipstream

In the planes of air

Above its hungry head.

The worm

Mutters and festers

Appetite never fully satisfied


Always hungry

Always greedy

Always needing more

And more

No amount is ever enough,



The dragonfly disappears

Into the glorious glittering sunshine

A creature

Half corporeal

Half light.

And the worm

Returns to its lair



Unable to squeeze

Its massive gut

Into the hole it left

To feed.


The worm

Is stuck,

Its arse

Hanging out

For all the world to see.


 *   *   *


“Aesop’s Moral”

(There are images that once seen,

Can never be unseen.

Things said,

That once heard,

Can never be unheard.)