In Memoriam … One True Heart, One Dear Face – Unanima Soror



Cheryl Lee Edmiston

8 January 1962 – 14 February 2003

She Steps Through … She Steps Away

I imagine her standing there – still, quiet as she sometimes could be –

her hand resting lightly upon the door handle. Undecided.

I imagine her standing there by the door, and looking back.

I see her light-filled eyes looking back over her shoulder – as she sometimes would.

I see her standing there, hesitating,

weighing her life upon a set of golden scales.

I see her lovely face, resigned, her decision made.

She turns away, she turns the handle. Decision made.

She steps through to the other side … and is gone.

Is there any wrench greater than the gone-and-away of a Loved One?

She leaves me with scars as indelible and deep as a fall of feathers.

But she has chosen flight – all Hail to the Aerial Ones –

and she is gone.


One true heart,

One dear face …

RIP Sister, together soon.